The BARE. Theory

The BARE. Theory

More often than not, the average makeup consumer is assumed to be of a lighter complexion. We see this in the way makeup products are developed, the way they are named, and even in the way they are swatched.

Consequently, we have been conditioned to expect swatch images on a white background in order to truly determine a products true color. But, lets explore that for a second. Why is that?

Lip product descriptions like “dusty rose”, “cool tan,” or “true red” might be accurate for some, but not all, especially those of us who happen to have a little melanin.

What seems like an innocuous standard to some, actually forces many makeup lovers with deeper skintones to read between the lines in order to find the shades that work for them.

That shouldn’t be the case.

We wanted to explore what it would be like to create a product in the reverse. What would a “cool tan” look like if it were designed for someone with a deeper skintone? What would a color description include if makeup swatches were created on a black background instead of a white one? Would we discover different undertones or use different descriptive language?

The BARE. gloss collection does just that.

This collection has been carefully designed to fill in the some of the gaps we’ve noticed in the makeup industry. We’ve created 4 versatile neutral shades to flatter deeper complexions while simultaneously making sure makeup lovers of all complexions will be able to find their go-to shade. 

After careful rounds of testing the BARE. glosses, we can confidently say, there’s a shade for everyone and


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