About Us

The BARE. Theory suggests that it is possible to create inclusive color cosmetics products that take deeper skin tones into account. Makeup advertisements often display digitally generated swatches with a lighter skin tone in mind and a white background. Additionally, color descriptions like "dusty rose" or "cool tan" are assumed to apply to everyone, regardless of skin tone. However, as we know from color theory, what looks like a deep pink on a lighter complexion will appear as a light pink on a darker complexion.

To explore this issue, I wanted to create a product collection in reverse. What would happen if makeup swatches were on a black background instead of a white one? Would we discover different undertones? How would a makeup collection look if it were designed with black skin tones in mind? The BARE. gloss collection answers these questions. Each shade is created with a specific skin tone in mind while also considering how it would look on deeper skin tones. After careful testing, we can confidently say that there is a shade for everyone, and that each shade goes well with everything.